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Welcome to the Created to Coach Academy where hope is found as we keep things real and powerful by blending cutting-edge coaching techniques with prophetic insight, ensuring that every strategy, piece of advice, and action plan is grounded in spiritual wisdom and aligned with God’s Word.

We’re all about helping you grow your online life coaching business, equipping your to connect deeply with the people you’re meant to serve, and empowering you to create life-changing coaching programs and courses.

Together, we’ll build your coaching business to make a real difference in the Kingdom and bring transformation to everyone you work with.

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About Dr. Cheri Toledo

I am a seasoned Christian Life Coach and Kingdom Business Mentor with over a decade of experience helping life coaches find their God-given purpose and answer His call to work with their ideal clients.

Transitioning into a fulfilling coaching career after 44 years in education, I focus on integrating spiritual values with practical business strategies, leveraging my expertise in the online space.

My programs are designed to address clarity, content, cashflow, and technology so my clients are equipped to achieve financial success, all while fulfilling their call from God. I am dedicated to enabling Christian life coaches to expand their impact, while growing both personally and professionally as they are empowered through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Created to Coach Academy Foundational Principles

Uncover and affirm your God-given calling as you take a deep dive into understanding who your ideal clients are and the transformational journey you’re anointed to guide them through. Our tailored clarity coaching approach helps you align your coaching practice with your spiritual values and business goals, ensuring you operate with purpose and precision in serving those God has called you to.

Boost your impact with our Course & Content Creation coaching. I’m here to guide you every step of the way as you develop irresistible, transformative online programs and courses that are just what your clients are praying for. We’ll tackle everything from laying out your content to nailing the perfect way to deliver it. I’m all about empowering you to create dynamic, faith-driven instructional experiences that truly click with your clients.

Transform your life coaching practice and your faith journey with our Mindset coaching. We will partner with the Holy Spirit to build a business mindset that’s rooted in peace, and working and living in His rest. Develop a grit that equips you to fully embrace God’s direction, and to confidently step into the all He’s prepared for your coaching business.

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The Created to Coach Academy is focused on equipping you to step fulling into your call from God as you build your coaching practice and business through the sound principles and proven strategies we teach.

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Chart Your Course

Determine your assignment for this season and the people you are called to and those who are called to you.

Amplify Your Influence

Expand your reach through innovative strategies and proven techniques to reach people wherever they are on their journey.

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Master Your Message

Create a consistent message that touches the hearts and minds of those you’re called to work with and draws them to you.


Live & Work From Rest

Embrace a balanced apprache to your life and coaching business, grounded in the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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