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Are you ready to expand and support your current life coaching business?

Create and launch an online course that will enable you to reach and help more people than you can do now with your 1-to-1 coaching.

After all, you have a gift that needs to be shared and now’s time to step out and take action.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you figure out what’s already have in place and what’s missing. 

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Dr. Cheri Toledo

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Increase Your Clients' Growth

Your online course business will enable your students to access your coaching approaches and practices 24/7. So they are being equipped, empowered, and prepared for your interactions. Well-designed courses will help your clients experience deeper levels of learning and higher levels of activating their learning.

Enjoy Time & Lifestyle Freedom

It’s time to stop throwing money at the clock and expecting longer days. As you know, there’s a huge difference between time flexibility and time freedom. You can reach more people through your online course business and give your clients the personal touch that’s so important . . . all in less time than 1:1 coaching.

Expand Your Reach & Impact

Creating and launching your online course business will add another facet to your strategic plan and help you create a foundation upon which you can build a profitable business that helps more people than you ever thought possible. Along the way you’ll discover new facets of your coaching practice that helps you continue to grow and enjoy your calling.


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