Christian Coaches

God is calling you higher

They've been praying for you

Your Signature Clients are stuck and they’re praying for answers


Praying for you to step into your Signature Anointing
and lead them into their calling from God

Praying for you to bring them the G0d-centered process that will transform their lives

It’s time to step into the fact that you have all you need to provide them with all that they need . . .

So lace up your running shoes . . . it’s time to take the leap into all that God has called you to — your destiny and your assignment for this season of your life and coaching business.

In this process of creating and scaling your Kingdom coaching business, you need to determine your next best steps . . . I’ve created a checklist to help you do just that!

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Created to Coach Checklist:
How ready are you to have a completed course that aligns with your Signature Anointing while attracting and serving your Signature Clients?

Dr. Cheri Toledo

Founder & Head Coach
at the Created to Coach Academy

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I help Christian Coaches like you

Gain Clarity in Your Call & Who You Serve


Transform your coaching business by getting clear on your call from God and what that means for this season of your life and coaching business.

Deepen your understanding of your Signature Clients and
know exactly why God has chosen you to coach them.

Dig in and clearly define the urgent need and problem you solve for your Signature Clients.

Clear the fog of how to coach your Signature Clients so they can move from where they are to where they want to be. 

Guide them through their personalized transformation — empowering them to fulfill their call and live out their destiny.

Create a Program Course to Attract & Serve Your Clients

Step out of the content chaos and overwhelm! 

Curate and organize your content into a dynamic, interactive, and heart-centered Program Course that engages your signature clients in their own growth and learning.

 Learn to design a Program Course that your Signature Clients will complete by activating and implementing their learning and new skills.

Complete the Design and Develop process with a holy ease as you follow the Created to Coach proven Program Course framework by co-laboring with the Lord.

Scale from

Jump into a new way of “working” on your coaching business.

Create your own system to connect you with your Signature Clients and you’ll find them responding to you and becoming paying members of your community.

Coach them to success as you seamlessly complete all the back-end tasks, bring on team members, and delegate those tasks that are out of your Zone of Genius.

Enjoy the process and see yourself grow into your calling!

Learn to do all of this right in the middle of God’s rest.

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your walk with God and your coaching business.