Are you using the right tool for the task?

I want to share a story that I remembered the other day when I was responding to a prompt in a Facebook group: I need some advice. Not about anything in particular.Just give me some random advice. So here’s the advice I gave her: Never wear soccer shoes to play tennis.This really happened when I was teaching tennis.Moral: Use the right tools for the job I was so inspired by remembering that moment that I created this image and posted it several places.

And even made this quick video of the story., it’s true. That tennis student got the wrong tool … I’ll bet it was because she didn’t give the sales person the enough information. So, make sure that your tools match the tasks. Online course creation is much easier and much more efficient when you are using the simplest tool that aligns with the task you’re working on.  Need help with tech or teaching tools? Heading toward creating THAT online course?  Let’s talk about your next steps. Click this link and choose a time that fits your schedule: Now log off and go have some fun! 🧗‍♀️ 🏌️‍♀️ 🏄 🧩 🛵 🎢 🛀 🛍 📖