Ep 20: Five More Tools and a Kicker Mindset

In this episode you’ll find five more tools to help you streamline the tech side of your business. First, a tool to help you build community, then a couple to help you grab your own digital real estate, I include some payment apps, then one of my favorites for digging up old web pages, and last a couple of tools for shortening web links.  Then ... get ready to make a mindset shift as I introduce you to an even more important tool than the 15 I’ve already shared. Adopting this approach will allow you increased flexibility, enable you to embrace…


Ep 19 Clarity Part 3 — Empowering Transformation: 7 Steps to Map It Out

In this episode, we conclude the clarity series for Christian life coaches by providing a framework for developing your client transformational journey. We start with three elements for any Christian life coaching program, freedom, authenticity and purpose. These are the foundation from which we can develop a map of the journey our clients follow. We discuss seven steps: self-reflection, mindset renewal, goal-setting, implementation, course correction, and end up with authenticity.  Creating your own client transformational journey by encouraging, equipping, and empowering your clients to gain the mindsets and tools to live out their purpose with authenticity. LINKS: Let’s talk NOW! 🥰…


Ep 18: Surprising Business Strategies in Ephesians 2:10

In this episode we diving into Ephesians 2:10 and explore the deeper meaning of this verse for Christian Life Coaches. Enjoy the discussion of the significance and Hebrew meanings of the numbers 2 and 10 — that’s where the surprise is.  We also hit on how our good works were determined by God before we were born and how they are tailored specifically for us. The episode emphasizes the importance of business clarity and "working from rest," assuring Christian life coaches that success is guaranteed when we co-labor with God. LINKS: Let’s talk: cheritoledo.com/chat  Christian Life Coaches Called Higher facebook group:…


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