What to do when you run out of books!

If you’re like me, you love reading … So what do you do when the library is empty … your Kindle has run dry …  AND you don’t want to spend a lot of money?

Well, here are several websites where you can get free (and paid/subscription) digital books to fill your reading heart’s desire.


Book Gorilla – I’ve been getting free books for my Kindle for the past few years.  Sign up, choose the genre, and you’ll get an email every day … that’s right, every day! Look carefully, though, because some are not free. Download to your reader and you’re set!

BookBub – Another subscription service for free and low cost books that you download.  Like Book Gorilla, you sign up, choose the genre, and you’ll get a weekly email with books to choose from.

ReadPrint – Go to ReadPrint for a wide variety of genres to access online using the reading mode.  Once you create a profile the website will keep track of what you’ve read.

Google Books – Use this website to find books in the public domain – the classics.  These PDFs can be read in the browser, downloaded, or sent to your e-reader. 

Audio Books

Audible – Amazon’s subscription-based service that provides audio versions of all types of books.  One nice feature is being able to add the Audible version to books that you buy. 

Librivox – Listen to classic books that volunteers have recorded.  You can even volunteer to read books.  Download to your computer or subscribe through iTunes.

If you can’t tell, I love reading … especially Cozy Mysteries.  I currently have over 300 free digital books that I’ve downloaded onto my Kindle from the links sent by Book Gorilla and Book Bub.

SECRET … don’t tell: I’ve stopped subscribing to Book Gorilla until I’ve read everything I’ve already downloaded 🙂

What’s your favorite genre? Where do you get your books? Digital or paper backs?