Task-Blocking Do you feel like the the paperwork, tasks, digital world are taking over your brain ... your life? Have you tried time management techniques that just haven't worked for the way you like to be organized? My friend, Teri Johnson of Keeping it Personal, taught me a productivity method that enables me to handle all the tasks on my list in a way that works with my personality.  In this post I'll be adding some approaches from Sandi Krakowski's book, The Anomaly Mindset, and some principles Dr. Darria Long's TedTalk, An ER Doctor on Triaging Your "Crazy Busy" Life.   Task-blocking is one…


New Browsers

Web Browsers Web browsers are the tools we use to access online information.  I have to admit, I'm a little bit of a stickler and purist about the definitions of the Internet and the World Wide Web (Web).The Internet is technically all the wires and servers that create the network that we access through the World Wide Web.  So that's why I'm talking about Web browsers in this week's Tech Tool Tuesday post.The icons that you see above represent the most well-known and commonly used browsers:Google ChromeSafariInternet ExplorerFirefoxI started looking at alternatives to these four browsers because they all started bogging…


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