Calendly for Easy Appointment/Event Scheduling

Tech Tool Tuesday One of the most effective ways of scheduling appointments is with an online automated scheduling tool.My favorite is Calendly.  I've been using it for over 5 years ... that's about 35 years in web tool time ... so a long time! :) FeaturesThere are free and paid versions of Calendly. In both versions you can:set the meeting lengthadd buffer time before and after the eventlink to your calendars (Google, Outlook, etc.).  Once Calendly is connected to your calendar, the events will automatically adjust to your availability.personalized Calendly link.  Here's mine: sends confirmation (and  cancelation) emails to you and…


What’s a bicycle 🚴 got to do with it?

Linking it all together Here we are kickin' butt on our DaVinci Tandem at the Midwest Tandem Rally in Appleton, WI (2007).There were over 500 bikes ... 2-seaters, 3-seaters, and even a 5-seater with a whole family riding together!We even saw a 2-seat recumbent with dogs in each of the front and rear baskets. Too cute!! You may or may not know that I am a sports nut! Playgrounds were my second home in elementary school ... PE was my favorite class in junior high and high school ... I majored in PE in college and played sports. I coached on…


👟 Surprises 🤭 on the Tennis Court 🎾

Are you using the right tool for the task? I want to share a story that I remembered the other day when I was responding to a prompt in a Facebook group: I need some advice. Not about anything in particular.Just give me some random advice. So here's the advice I gave her: Never wear soccer shoes to play tennis.This really happened when I was teaching tennis.Moral: Use the right tools for the job I was so inspired by remembering that moment that I created this image and posted it several places. And even made this quick video of the story., it's true. That tennis student…


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