👏 The Toledo Law of Thirds 📖

Understanding Learner Preferences I want to share a secret about online learners that you won't hear anywhere else ... The Toledo Law of 1/3's.  The Digital Learning Zone Online Course Creation Blueprint has 5 phases: Define, Decide, Design, Develop, and Deliver. Click HERE if you need a copy. During the Define phase of the process you zero in on the characteristics of the WHO your course serves. The Toledo Law of Thirds adds a unique perspective by identifying the environment in which your ideal student prefers to learn. In the early 2000's, as I was teaching more and more online courses and helping other faculty deliver their online courses, I started seeing…


Reading for Fun!

What to do when you run out of books! If you're like me, you love reading ... So what do you do when the library is empty ... your Kindle has run dry ...  AND you don't want to spend a lot of money? Well, here are several websites where you can get free (and paid/subscription) digital books to fill your reading heart's desire. eBooks Book Gorilla - I've been getting free books for my Kindle for the past few years.  Sign up, choose the genre, and you'll get an email every day ... that's right, every day! Look carefully, though,…



Online Class Management Strategy Managing online courses is a skill to be learned with strategically and intentionally.  One of the biggest challenges in online courses is making sure that learners are reading, watching, and/or listening to the course materials. I'll bet that you've had questions emailed to you that are readily answerable somewhere in the online course. We have to realize that learners (including us) don't like spending a lot of time reading through the information. One way to motivate learners to become independent learners is to use the 3-Then-Me rule. At the beginning of the term I post a course…


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