Dr. Cheri Toledo

Instructional Technology Implementation Expert and Researcher

Cheri has been designing, delivering, and assessing digital instruction and online learning THIS ENTIRE CENTURY!  

As an educator, coach, researcher, and instructional designer, Cheri is an expert in identifying the most appropriate and effective instructional technologies and approaches to best meet the needs of the learners and instructors.

Cheri helps teachers, homeschoolers, parents, tutors, nannies, and entrepreneurs hone their technology use, decision-making, and technology implementation skills.  

When you work with Cheri, she will assist you in identifying and accessing the most useful technologies to meet the learning outcomes you design for your learners.  

Most importantly, Cheri will help you learn how to teach yourself to use technology … with this ability you will always able to build your skills and grow as with the needs of your learners.