Dr. Cheri Toledo

The Digital Learning Doc

After 30+ years as an educator, Cheri’s turned her  passion for learning to helping others.  She wants to help you:

    • learn by doing
    • understand the process

Between coaching athletes, teaching K12 and university students, or working with her clients, Cheri’s found unique ways to connect and help all of them get the most out of their talents. In fact, her drive to help others succeed brought her Conference Volleyball Coach of the Year and College Faculty Excellence awards.

Cheri will help you take advantage of her knowledge, education, and experience by teaching you the principles that she’s learned … which are wide ranging since she’s been creating and teaching online courses this entire century

Her 4-point learning process can help you create a foundation to build your own success.

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Remember when you were back in school? Sure we’re adults now, but the principles are the same … when you learn a new skill through the right methods, it clicks! 

Do you remember when you were back in school? Sure, we’re adults now, but the basis is the same, when you learn a new skill through the right methods, it clicks.
If you’ve been thinking now is the time to create an online course, I have the means, experience, and training to help you fine tune your strategies, while helping you conquer the technology involved — so you too can share your skills and talent with those who need them.

Content is important, but there’s more …

Organizing, curating, and teaching all come into play. It’s up to you to figure out each step and put them in the right order for your students.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re all alone and trying to figure out how to build a course. Where do you start? What’s going to work? What’s a waste of time? 

I can help you simplify the steps and help you create and deliver your course with a proven system. You’ll learn the process and build a solid foundation for creating and delivering future courses.

I’ll teach you my proven and effective method that is grounded actual learning theory and practice … it’s not an unproven generic formula.

I’ll help you build a course that sets your students up for success, and make sure they have everything they need to get the results they want.

Your unique knowledge is valuable and people are looking for what you have to offer. Let’s work together so you can share your message with a well-planned course. A course that makes a difference for to those who need it and you most.

Join hundreds of thousands of other change-makers who are leveraging online courses and share your valuable message, content, and processes with the world!

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