Welcome back to our Clarity series where we’re peeling back the layers on what it really takes to have a thriving coaching practice that aligns with you.

Ever think about how your hard-won victories can be the lighthouse guiding others toward transformative change? Let’s unpack that together. I’m excited to share a roadmap filled with actionable and heartfelt steps that willl help you identify the folks you’re uniquely positioned to serve, in life and in business.

We’ll dig deep into the nitty-gritty — yes, we’re talking demographics — and we’ll touch those deeper waters of the heart: the struggles, the dreams, and the desires that fuel us all. We’ll also shatter that myth about waiting for ‘the perfect timing’ to narrow your niche. 

Spoiler alert: The time is always NOW to take that divinely inspired next step.

So, whether you’re a seasoned coaching pro or you’re lacing up for your first lap, hit that play button. Let this episode transform, encourage, equip, and empower you as you’re building your coaching practice. Remember, your signature clients are praying for you.


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