Hey friends! In the latest episode of the Creative Coach Academy Podcast, I share some fun and useful tools you can start using right away to take your coaching biz to the next level!

First up are a couple of handy YouTube alternatives called Watchkin and Safeshare that let you screen videos for your clients without any pesky ads or suggestions popping up. Pretty nifty!

Then I talk about one of my longtime faves, the scheduling app Calendly. This awesome too lets you create booking links for your clients to schedule with you in a snap. Extra features make the paid version so worthwhile!

Next, I go over email auto-responders, AWeber and Mailchimp, which can help us easily send out newsletters and automate responses. Can you say time saver? More importantly, they keep the connection between you and your subscribers secure.

Next things get really fun — I talk about two AI tools: ChatGPT and Claude. These bots can help generate content, brainstorm ideas, and even rewrite things in different tones and voices with just a few prompts. How cool is that?

The bottom line — tune into this episode for the latest and greatest on how you can use these five awesome tools to master your call, create better content, and boost your cash flow. Let’s level up our coaching game together!


Watchkin: watchkin.com
Safeshare: safeshare.tv
Calendly: calendly.com
ChatGPT: chat.openai.com
Claude: claude.ai

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