Discover the unique concept of “Program Courses” in our latest podcast episode. Learn to merge the comprehensive nature of your coaching program with the instructional richness of online courses. This innovative approach is designed to transform clients’ lives, beginning at their current level of challenges and guiding them towards their desired outcomes, whether it’s in business growth, spiritual fulfillment, or personal development.

Learn about structuring these courses to cater to your clients’ specific needs and journeys. By understanding their starting points and desired goals, you can create a transformational pathway through each level of the course. This episode is a valuable resource for Christian life coaches aiming to craft courses that not only educate but also inspire and align with clients’ spiritual and professional aspirations.

Take advantage right now of the 4-Week program that starts February 28th. By the end of just 4 weeks … as you implement … you will have a complete outline of your course, a complete Module 1, and you’ll be able to start enrolling clients!! Register below to join us in T.H.A.T. Program Course Accelerated!


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