The Imposter Syndrome 👀

We’ve all heard about it … but what is it exactly?

It’s that mindset where we find ourselves thinking about … stewing over … perseverating on — big word for getting stuck in circular 🌀 thinking: 

      • Am I really called to this … I’m not ready! My content isn’t even finished

      • Who do I think I am that I can do this and make money … I don’t have what it takes! So I can’t charge very much for my course.

      • I don’t have enough experience! I’m not very good at this! I can’t let anyone know that I’m struggling.

      • I can’t run my business like Coach XYZ does … I feel like a fake … I shouldn’t be doing this! 

    There’s a constant inner battle … an incongruence between the external and the internal me.

    May I tell you something … come closer 🤓 … you’re not alone because this is

    That’s right … as you’re growing and scaling your business, you’re also stepping into unknown territory … and it doesn’t always feel right or comfortable. It’s completely normal! 

    Believe it or not, that’s the good news. If you’re uncomfortable … then you’re growing and leveling up.

    But what about imposter syndrome … how do you address it in the middle of growing and leveling up? 

    Well, let’s look at three of the most common causes. Once you understand the issue — you’ll be able to step into the solutions for all three of them!

    🪤 Trap #1

    You’ve changed identities … but your brain is still making decisions from the old one. You’re now a coach and soon-to-be course-creator … but you’re still making decisions and taking steps from the other roles in your life: mom, dad, teacher, lawyer, salesperson, engineer, athlete … [you fill in the role]. 

    As a result, you lack experience in this new role as a coach … so your confidence suffers and you end up feeling like you’re pretending to be yourself in this new role.

    Remember that Moses did the same thing … he was raised to be an Egyptian ruler … but when he stepped out of that role, he took much of that identity with him.

    … Until he aligned with the identity as the leader of God’s people … His assignment and anointing from God.

    🪤 Trap #2

    You shoot for perfection … rather than set the bar at standards of excellence. Focusing on perfection means you’ll never feel accomplished … never experience fulfillment … always disappointed in the flaws and failings that take center stage in your thinking and life. 

    Here … try this

    Say the word “perfection” 

    That’s right … say it out loud … try it again

    Now say the word “standard”

    Which one feels better? Which brings hope? Which one leave you with the Debbie Downer feeling?

    I’m going to bet “standard” sits better with you.


    Perfectionism is a narrow, dark, and dangerous road. It’s intolerant of mistakes … hates creativity … paralyzes us with self-doubt … and sometimes even results in self-hatred.

    Even Paul admitted that he did what he didn’t want to do … and didn’t do what he wanted to do (Romans 7:19). He loved the Law, but knew that sin (in our case trying to be perfect) was his stumbling block. 

    🪤 Trap #3

    You just can’t believe you’ve accomplished becoming a coach course-creator.

    It’s hard for you to internalize your accomplishments and be proud of your intelligence, skills, and competencies.

    You can’t even believe that you really earned this success [or future success]. 

    You’re stuck with the core belief that it has been luck or something magical that has happened without your participation.

    Again feeling like you’re a fake because it all couldn’t have happened as a result of your effort — now you’re minimizing your accomplishments.

    This is not uncommon! When we’re in this state of mind, to compare ourselves with “more accomplished” coaches.

    Imagine for a minute if you were Joshua … oh my, what shoes you would have to fill. But what did God continually tell Joshua … right … Fear not for I am with you! 

    You’re not a fake … you’re just stepping into unknown territory.

    So what do we do to move past imposter syndrome? What are the missing pieces? Try these on for size and see if they help you.

    🧩 The Missing Piece #1

    First of all, you have multiple identities … but one overarching identity:

    This main identity is WHO you are in Christ — it is your umbrella  identity and all the others fall under it. 

    You also have your coaching identity — based on your call, giftings, experiences, education, talents, beliefs and biases, skills, preferences, etc. 

    Everything that lights you up! 🔥

    Everything that floats your boat! 🚤

    All that makes you smile from ear to ear when you coach!  😁

    You have everything that you need to be the coach God has called you to be … including your coaching identity.

    Step into THAT you … be fully THAT you when you’re doing anything that has to do with your clients. THAT you is who God has prepared you to be … and who He is calling you to be!

    How did Moses do when he stepped fully into his call?  😉

    🧩 The Missing Piece #2

    Shoot for standards of excellence … rather than setting and keeping to perfectionism. This builds hope and grit and perseverance in you. 

    Once I set my standards, I can set my targets and then my goals. 🎯

    Plus, as I meet those levels of excellence I can raise my standards. 

    It’s all about understanding personal development … when I focus on the standard, target, and goals — for myself and my clients … I can follow a step-by-step process that takes me from 0-100. 📶

    Be done with beating yourself up because you can’t reach level 100 from level 2. Take that energy and figure out the progression you need to go through to get to 100. Then take it one step at a time. 👣

    It’s the Lord’s goal we need to be shooting for, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ (Philippines 3:14). 🥅

    🧩 The Missing Piece #3

    Internalizing your accomplishments — to not feel like a phony, take an inventory of your life to this point. I think you’ll be surprised at all you’ve done and all your clients are getting when they work with you.

    In fact, I’ve created a tool to help you with it. Here’s the link to a spreadsheet that I’ve created for you to take that inventory and put a dollar amount to what your clients are receiving from you: What I Offer My Clients

    Once you get there, make a copy 📃 … then take a look at the example to see all that I put in. Add in everything that you’ve ever done … whether you got paid for it or not.

    Estimate what items would cost — for instance, I took care of my husband for 10 years, so I estimated what it would have cost us for a home health care worker to be in our home 16 hours each day.

    Grab hold of your heavenly  🕊 assignment … your signature anointing … and remember, I [you] can do all things through him who strengthens me [you] (Philippians 4:13). 💪

    It’s an amazing journey … so embrace it!

    Rip open the boxes you’ve been stuck in 📦 … kick your shoes off your 👠 👟 🥾 … put on your party hat 🎉 … and … as they say in Texas … git after it!!

    It’s a new day and you’re in a new place … so ask the Lord what He has for you now that you’re no longer stuck in Imposter Syndrome Land!!