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Dr. Cheri Toledo

Personal & Spiritual Development Coach

Helping smart, competitive Christian women leap into their dreams and calling!

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Any of these sound familiar to you?

You’re amazingly successful and have enjoyed the perks of that success … it’s lonely at the top

You’re always pushing yourself to be better and better … when you stop for a moment, you’re not sure if this habit of pushing is helpful or harmful

Your faith is a huge part of who you are and you’re feeling like you want to deepen your relationship with God

You’ve been sure about the direction you’ve been heading … it seems that  things are foggier than you’d like them to be, so you’re needing some clarity on your next steps

Your competitiveness has served you well for a long time … now it seems that you’re finding yourself being pulled away from who you are and who you really want to be

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Cheri shares her soul with those she works with and I became part of her flock. I have admired her dedication to conquering new paths and have applied her wisdom to my own life.
Adria Carter
Adria CarterPassionate Educator, Lover of Learning, Wife & Mother, Daily Fighter Against Multiple Sclerosis​
Cheri helped me realize what is important to me, what inspires me, and what I can do to realize those things and live my best life. I have renewed motivation, energy, and outlook and with her help, decided to take action toward my goals and dreams.
Heather Pederson
Heather PedersonLover of The UP (Upper Peninsula Michigan) ~ Pederson Kids’ Basketball Coach
Cheri has helped me step away from the need to prove myself over and over. She has given me skills to know that I am always enough in God’s eyes. In working with Cheri, I have realized that she is both skilled and gifted as a life coach. Her strength and compassion have made a deep impact on my life.
Jennifer Courduff
Jennifer CourduffFunnest Nana EVER ~ C.S. Lewis buff ~ Assistive Technology Expert

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