Online Course Creation

Work with an Master Teacher & Expert Online Course Designer

Effective online learning is an art and a science. With the right foundation and principles, you can create online courses that your students will love.

As an expert course creator, Cheri has been living and loving education for over 30 years. With her knowledge, expertise, and training, you too can learn to build courses that transform your students’ lives.

One of the important pieces of creating online courses is understanding that the right technology can make all the difference. Did you know that a lot of students don’t finish courses they start because they’re frustrated with awkward technology? Streamline the process, understand how and why good courses start with proper design principles.

Easily understand the back end of the technology without overwhelm so you can help your students enjoy the process of learning, and focus on your course instead of the headaches of a poor learning experience.

Cheri will help you learn how to teach yourself to use technology … with this skill you will always able to grow and meet the changing needs of your learners.