Online Course Creation

Online Course Creation

Effective online learning is an art and a science. With the right foundation and principles you can create an online course business that will draw students who are drawn to experience the transformation that you have set up for them.

As an expert in the online course business industry, I’ve been living and loving education for over 30 years AND I’ve been creating, teaching, and assessing online learning and instruction THIS ENTIRE CENTURY. With my knowledge, expertise, and training, you too can learn to build an online course business that transforms your students’ lives.

The most important piece of creating a successful online course business comes before you do anything with the content . . . it is KNOWING YOUR LEARNERS. When you know their values, preferences, learning styles, and identity you have a road map for building rapport and connection so they trust you and believe that you will be able to provide a solution to help them transform their life.   

Did you know that only about 20% of students finish the online courses they start? Many people say that’s because the learners are frustrated with the technology. In my experience, students quit working through the course because there’s a lack of engagement and there isn’t any compelling motivation to activate their learning. 

BOTTOM LINE: The relational approach that you use as you coach your clients can be transferred into your online course business. In fact, that’s the goal! We want your clients to continue their engagement with you via the course they are working through.

This enables you to meet the needs of your learners and provide them with an out-of-this-world transformational experience. PLUS!!! Your students will enjoy the learning process and easily recognize how much they are growing. This is why I love working with Christian life coaches.

So when you work with me and we will

    • take the deep dive to identifying and defining your learners’ characteristics,
    • use your content and coaching processes to develop engaging and transformational courses, and
    • increase the reach of your online course business -> touch more lives

Let’s chat about expanding your coaching busines so you can touch more lives!