Free Digital Images

So where do you get the images you use on your website, for your presentations, or for social media?

Many images have copyrights and cannot be used for personal or business purposes.  Owners can get pretty snarky when we use their work without paying for it or giving them credit.

There are some websites that provide copyright- and credit-free images that we can use anytime and anywhere.  In my opinion, the best is Pixabay … so let’s get to it!  

Pixabay has almost 2 million images – photos, graphics, and illustrations.  They’ve also recently added videos and music.

For more information on Pixabay licensing click HERE.  You can also click on the link you’ll find on the Pixabay website – it will look like this:

Anytime you download an image you’ll need to go through the reCAPTCHA process.  

That was the best reason to join and create a profile.  Once you log in you can download as much as you like with just a click.

Another perk for joining is if you’re a photographer, graphic artist, videographer, or music creator you can upload your originals and get them out in public!

Click below and check out Pixabay.  Let me know what you think! 

By the way, do you have other royalty free websites you use?  Share them with us.

Check out Pixabay