Here’s What Real People Who I’ve Worked With Have To Say 

About Their Coaching Experiences With Me

Faye Bryant

Heart-Centered Coach ~ Prolific Author ~ Squeezes All the Juice Out of Life

Dr. Cheri Toledo is an exceptional business coach who masterfully combines kindness and accountability.

One of the most significant impacts Cheri has had on my professional journey is helping me set a concrete launch date for my business. More importantly, she ensures that I steadily move towards this milestone. Her approach is a perfect blend of personal touch and professionalism. She engages on a personal level, making you feel understood and valued, while also being extremely personable, making each session enjoyable and enlightening.

Her insightful guidance and practical strategies have been instrumental in propelling my business forward.

Cheri’s unique blend of compassion and tenacity makes her a priceless asset to any entrepreneurial journey.

Diana J. Melendez

Coach ~ Pastor ~ Writer ~ Latina With a Huge Heart

I highly recommend Coach Cheri Toledo. I had been praying about taking my coaching practice to the next level and God led me to her.

I am learning so much from not only her skills set, but also from the fact that she is spiritually intelligent, which helps me elevate my own confidence and skills as a Christian coach.

Also, she is helping me overcome the hesitation I had towards getting my own course done.

Angela Chapman

Bubble Sozo Creator ~ Healing Ministry Focus ~ Fun & Funny Lady


Before I worked with Cheri, I was terrified of taking on the online course creation project. Her encouragement and willingness to walk me through the steps was greatly appreciated and she did that for me. Even when I messed up, she encouraged me. And when she and Nick didn’t know the answer, they pursued it and found it.

One of Cheri’s greatest strengths is her upbeat enthusiasm and determination. You can tell she loves what she is doing.

I made a my breakthroughs because of her knowledge of the software and ease in helping me activate it.


Dr. Karen Dennis

Fulbright Scholar ~ Exchange Faculty to Russia ~ Loves family, Running & the Family Farm

Karen Dennis

Cheri’s incredible knowledge of quality online instructional design and instructional technology made online learning not only enjoyable, but I believe that I learned more and was more engaged in the content than if I had just been sitting in a classroom in a face-to-face environment. I took several other fully online and blended courses with Cheri after that.

Cheri’s passion for and knowledge of educational technology made me want to learn more about it and I ended up shifting the focus of my doctoral studies to online teaching and learning.

Cheri is not only an expert in this field, she is a patient and caring teacher who opened a whole new world up for me.

Adria Carter

Passionate Educator, Lover of Learning, Wife & Mother, Daily Fighter Against MS

Adria shadow

One of the biggest breakthroughs Cheri helped me with was recognizing my true potential as an educator. Being a teacher is often very frustrating. Cheri helped me navigate the unknown, she guided me through new learning experiences, and she uplifted me in ways I can’t even begin to explain.

Cheri shares her soul with those she works with and I became part of her flock. I have admired her dedication to conquering new paths and have applied her wisdom to my own life.

Kathy Raymond

Wife ~ Stepmom ~ Fur mom ~ But Mostly: Child of the One True King

Kathy Raymond

I met Cheri in the most interesting coincidence.  My husband was one of her students at the University and we met on a residency project in Hawaii.  I had just gone along for the ride you see … but wasn’t that an amazing coincidence?  That’s really the hand of God at work.

I had started my own BeachBody coaching business at the time, and I knew nothing about using social media to reach potential customers.  But Cheri taught me how to use Facebook and how to use YouTube to market my coaching business.  What a great gift that was to me.  I would have never ever been able to do this without her help.

What I love about working with Cheri the most is that she’s technically brilliant and spiritually filled.  I needed that combination.  And God knew that.  Cheri taught me how to set goals.  She taught me how to set SMART goals that are specific measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.

I felt so confident meeting with her to outline my plan and each week we met to measure my progress and set new action-oriented goals to achieve the main goal.  That’s what coaching is to me.  Having that very valuable resource to help you get started and break through some of those challenges that are serious roadblocks and help fix challenges that get in the way of achieving success. I highly recommend Cheri as a coach!!!

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