Viewing YouTube Without Ads or Extras

Have you ever been showing a YouTube video and wished you could have a plain page …  you know, one without the thumbnail images of unrelated or videos in the right column … or those embarrassing videos that pop up after your video finishes.  Sometimes those are the worst.

Here is my favorite tool to try out with your family, students, or clients.

I’ve been using ViewPure for several years.  They’ve added some features that make using it very easy and sleek … just a white page … no ads … no previews … no comments!

The coolest new feature is the Purify button.  Drag it onto your taskbar and then when you find a YouTube video you want to watch, just click the button and the video will start in the ViewPure page.  

Like YouTube, you can turn on Closed Captioning or subtitles, and change the playback speed.  

As you can see below, you can personalize each video by:

  • creating a custom URL to share – no need for a URL shortener, very handy
  • including a password if you choose
  • including a Start Time/End Time
  • creating playlists
  • using the embed code on your website
  • generating a QR code for easy mobile use

All easy to use!

Click below and check it out!  Let me know what you think.

Check out Viewpure

What other tools have you tried that provide a clear presentation format?

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