Hey there, friends! It’s Dr. Cheri Toledo, and I am excited to have you here with me in the Created to Coach Academy Podcast.

Together we’re going to dive deep into uncovering your divine calling and discovering exactly who your Signature Client is. We’re going to equip you with the necessary tools to break free from the chaos of content overload and find your clear, concise message.

Once we’ve got that down, get ready to unleash your newfound skills to create a program course that is amazing — a well-designed, highly engaging, and most importantly, transformational course.

But we won’t stop there, my friends. I’m here to empower you to build genuine connections with your prospective Signature Clients, so you can guide them through their own transformation.

Follow my lead and you’ll find yourself in new levels of time and financial freedom. It’s time to step into your purpose, armed with the rest and peace of God, and generously infused with a touch of pizazz. Let’s step into your destiny together!