Linking it all together

Tandem Toledos

Here we are kickin’ butt on our DaVinci Tandem at the Midwest Tandem Rally in Appleton, WI (2007).

There were over 500 bikes … 2-seaters, 3-seaters, and even a 5-seater with a whole family riding together!

We even saw a 2-seat recumbent with dogs in each of the front and rear baskets. Too cute!!

You may or may not know that I am a sports nut! Playgrounds were my second home in elementary school … PE was my favorite class in junior high and high school … I majored in PE in college and played sports. I coached on the high school and college level for 15 years … volleyball was my favorite. And I confess … I have almost a dozen college volleyball matches on my DVR. 🏐 When Nick and I lived in Illinois we started bicycling. After his heart transplant (see his bio for more details), we started riding a tandem because I couldn’t keep up with him! 😝 For several summers we put 1000+ miles on our bikes. So fun! So using the bicycle chain as a metaphor for video design is very natural for me. You probably already know that the chain powers the bike, so if it has a missing link it won’t work. In the same way, making sure your program course videos are built on a foundation of good design principles will ensure that they effectively communicate the content while keeping the learners engaged. Take a look at the infographic below, follow the principles, and see your videos roll smoothly … pun intended!
5 Links for Effective E Learning Videos

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Also, if you need to brainstorm some ideas for your course design, topic, focus, or something else, choose a time and we’ll put together a strategy: