Life Coaching with Cheri

Dr. Cheri Toledo

Christian Life Coach & Business Mentor

Dr. Cheri Toledo is uniquely qualified as an Elite Coach with experience and skill in providing guidance, accountability, encouragement .. and fun … to help her clients step into their calling.

She has been a certified Elite Coach since 2011 and has worked in a variety of settings including education, personal counseling, and athletic coaching.

Coach Cheri leverages her knowledge of educational principles to meet clients where they are at and provide scaffolding to support them as they move to the next level. She also applies her experience in personal counseling to help clients identify the roadblocks and design strategies to help break through and live a life of freedom.

In addition, Coach Cheri uses her 15+ years as an athletic coach to provide accountability, motivation, encouragement, and empowerment to help her clients push through the tough times and come out revitalized and ready to take on the assignments that God has for them.  

To this end, Coach Cheri is an expert questioner and a solution architect.  She helps her clients drill down to the real issues … define the best path to take … create an effective plan to traverse that path … and identify milestones to provide the motivation to keep progressing.

In addition, Coach Cheri is an industry leader in the design, development, and launching of life coaching program courses. She has been creating, teaching, and assessing online courses this entire century and has an expertise that transcends basic courses that most coaches offer.

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