Your YouTube Account & Collections

Creating a YouTube Account & Channel

One of the great things about YouTube is that you can subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels.

The best way to subscribe to and begin collecting your favorite YouTube videos is to login using a Google account.  Once you have an account, you can also create your own YouTube channel and upload your videos.

Step 1 – Create Your YouTube Account:

You will need to create a Google account and then Gmail will be attached to that YouTube account.  If you do not have a Google Account or Gmail, then go to this LINK and type your information in the text boxes.  Remember to save your login information somewhere safe.  If you run into a snag and need more specific instructions, go HERE.

Once you’re finished creating your Google account, which gives you an email and access to all the Google tools including YouTube, you can begin subscribing to your favorite YouTube channels.

Screen Shot 2020 05 25 at 10.52.28 AM

If you do have Gmail then it’s really quick …

Open your Gmail and look in the upper right hand corner and click on the 3×3 dots.  Then choose the YouTube icon.

Step 2: Subscribing to Your Favorites

There are a couple of ways to subscribe.  

  1. Go to YouTube on any browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.)  and search for topics or people you want to follow.  A list of videos will appear and you’ll see a big red button with Subscribe to the right of the list. If there’s no subscribe button, click on one of the videos and you’ll find the subscribe button below the video.
  2. You can also download the YouTube app on your phone, log in, search for videos, and subscribe. 

Once you start subscribing, a list of those channels will appear on the the left side of your YouTube page or at the top of  the YouTube app.

Step 3: Create Your YouTube Channel … Easy Peasy

Once you subscribe to a YouTube channel or start liking and saving videos, you’ve got your channel.  That’s it! 

Now just look for the Library icon.  These two  images show you what you’ll see on your computer and on your phone.

Mobile phone view

IMG 5703

Computer browser view

Screen Shot 2020 05 25

Now what? 

Organize videos into categories – YouTube calls them Playlists.  Create sets of videos for presentations,  classes, easy access.

You can also record videos on your channel from your phone or computer … or … upload videos you’ve recorded some other way.  Your Channel is a good place to send people to when you want to share a video … yours or someone else’s.

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Don’t Want Gmail?

I’ve got you covered.  Go to this LINK and follow the instructions for creating a YouTube account without having to use Gmail.  You’ll still have to create a Google account, but you can use a different email.

Let me know when you’ve created your YouTube account and who you’re following.